Bucks Mills A4 Art Print – have the beauty of Bucks Mills in your home all year round


Bucks Mills A4 Location Art Print – featuring the stunning artwork of Local artist Justine Jago of JagosArt, forming part of the North Devon inspired range of prints and gifts she has available. Printed to order. Free shipping on orders over £40.



(Frame shown is for illustrative purposes only)

This stunning Bucks Mills Art Print is another new edition to my local North Devon art print range.

Bucks Mills in North Devon is a small hidden away hamlet that still looks as it would many years ago. As you journey down into Bucks Mills you are surrounded by woodland. Upon arriving, you are met with the Sea and if the weather permits, a stunning view of the coastline.

It is said that during the Spanish Armada, some survivors of a Spanish Galleon settled in Bucks Mills and did not welcome newcomers kindly. Thankfully times have changed.

To access the pebbled beach you have to walk down a relatively steep path. Halfway down this path is a quaint little building that was once the home of two artists, namely Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards. However, in more recent years it has been uninhabited and is now something of a time capsule with contents left as they were.

At the bottom of the path, there is a quay, now lacking all the fishing boats which would have once been moared there. Looking along the beach at the old lime kilns you can imagine how much hustle and bustle there once was.

Nowadays, the beach offers a quiet place for families, there are a lot of pebbles to carefully manouvre but also plenty of rock pools to explore and to add, there is a coastal waterfall which comes off the cliffs onto the pebbles. Bucks Mills really does have something of everything to offer, which is why it’s another one of my favourite places.

For your information –

  • All of my location paintings are painted from scratch on my iPad in the exact same way I would paint or draw on a piece of paper. They are not photos.
  • All prints are made to order using Archival Matte Paper which is acid-free and has a heavyweight of 230gsm.
  • Please note – due to the fact that monitors often display colour, contrast, and brightness differently, the print may appear slightly different to how it looks on your monitor.
  • Shipping – Items will be carefully packaged and sent by The Royal Mail.
  • All of the artwork is my own and is not to be copied or resold.