Beach Huts A4 Art Print


Beach Huts A4 Destination Art Print – Made to order


I am so pleased to be able to introduce my new print, featuring the Beach Huts in Westward Ho!

When I was young, we were told that the Wombles lived in these huts! Unfortunately, they were always asleep when we walked past so we never actually got to see them! As with all my prints to date, this is another location chosen because of its part in my life’s story.

Having grown up in the next village to Westward Ho! and now living here once again, this has been one of my most visited places throughout my lifetime. The scene has changed somewhat since my younger days where once upon a time an amusements arcade stood where now there are luxury apartments. However, the sea and the view remains the same. It really is a lovely place to walk, if the tide is in you couldn’t walk closer to the sea without getting wet and if the tide is out you still get to hear the sound of the sea and smell it in the air.

This one took me months to complete and I’m thrilled with it. It looks fantastic on my wall, I can imagine I am on that path even from the comfort of my sofa! With so many people walking in this very spot every summer, from their holiday park to the village, my hope is that it will remind you of Summer Days and a reminder that there are happier times to come when life can once again return to some normality.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before once again this path is filled with all the lovely holidaymakers visiting this beautiful place, I am lucky enough to call home, ready to make new memories with their loved ones.

All prints are made to order using Archival Paper which is acid-free and a heavy weight of 230gsm.

Please note – due to the fact that monitors often display colour, contrast and brightness differently the image may appear slightly different to how it looks on your screen.

Shipping – items will be carefully packaged and sent first class with The Royal Mail.

All of the artwork is my own and is not to be copied or resold (c) JJago JagosArt.