Puffin with outstretched wings A4 Art Print

Puffin with outstretched wings A4 Art Print

(Frame shown is for illustrative purposes only)

This is a print of an original watercolour Puffin painting which is inspired by the place I live near Lundy Island, where at certain times of the year, and if you are lucky enough, you can see the Puffins. I have visited Lundy Island but unfortunately I didn't time it right. 


The prints are made to order by myself using Epson Archival Matte Paper which I've chosen for it's long lasting quality. I also use top quality ink.


Please note - Due to the fact that monitors often display colour, contrast and brightness differently, the print may appear slightly different to how it looks on your monitor.


Shipping - items will be carefully packaged and sent via The Royal Mail.


All of the artwork is my own work and is not to be copied or resold (c) JJago Jagos Art