Watercolour painting of a Lion in vibrant colours printed onto a Table Placemat

Lion Placemat

This Placemat features a print of an original watercolour painting I painted myself. This painting took Me completely out of my comfort zone and I was thrilled with the results. It is a handmade product which I make using the process of sublimation.


Each placemat measures 19cm x 23cm and has a total thickness of 3.17mm.


Please note - due to the fact that monitors often display colour, contrast and brightness differently, the image may appear slightly different to how it looks on your screen.


Shipping - items will be carefully packaged and sent via The Royal Mail.


All of the artwork is my own and is not to be copied or resold (c) JJago Jagos Art


    All artwork is my own work and is not to be copied or resold ©JagosArt Justine Jago

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