Stunning Pet Portraits

We all love our pets, they are our best friends; our soul mates, our confidants, they are precious and much loved members of the family. So, what better way to celebrate our pets, and all they mean to us, than with an original pet portrait of them in a style of your choosing. If commissioning a custom portrait is something you are considering then you have come to the right place and I am thrilled you are here!

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Our Pets

I feel so privileged to be the one who is asked to draw your beloved pets, in what is a saturated market.

It is really lovely to receive feedback because the minute I send your portrait to you I am thinking about how well it will be received.

Opening your portrait can be an emotional experience. Sometimes the moment is met with sadness and tears. However, this means that I have succeeded in capturing your pet and in so doing created something you will be able to treasure forever.

I consider myself lucky to have been given a talent which enables me to do this for you.

And here is a little video showing myself at work…

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday?

Probably but I’m perfectly happy spending my Saturday evening with my pencils. :-)​

Pet portraits using coloured pencils

Visit the galleries below to view portraits created with coloured pencils, charcoal and watercolour. The choice is yours as to which you would prefer.

Pet portraits using charcoal

Pet portraits using watercolour

Whether you are looking to commission a pet portrait for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, you can be assured of an original piece of art to be treasured forever.

I will put hours of love into creating your unique piece that will capture the true likeness and character of your beloved pet.