Watercolour Animal Art Prints

Why watercolour animal art prints?

I won’t pretend to be a wildlife expert because I most definitely am not. However, I do love animals.

As a child we had many pets, I was lucky enough to have my own pony, we had rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a huge aviary with cockatiels, zebra finches and quail and we had a white budgie named Spot, who used to tickle the back of my neck with its beak.

Now I am a grown-up I haven’t continued the menagerie theme but I do have my dog and two cats. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I paint wildlife because I love animals. The television highlights of the year for me are the Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch series- Why don’t they do a Summerwatch I wonder?

To be honest it isn’t just watercolour animal art and wildlife I paint now. Of course, there are the pet portraits but since starting this little business of mine and since making my business cards I have also painted farm life, and a landscape or two. Maybe at some point in the future, a name change will be in order. Any suggestions?

watercolour animal art print of a stag

When painting my watercolour animal art or other animals I like to use bright, vivid colours. There seem to be so many sad things occurring in the world today, so much so I no longer watch the news.  I paint the way I do to remind myself that life can be bright and colourful too provided you are looking in the right direction. I have my paintings on the walls in my house and I love them.

I am a bit of (Okay, a lot of) a perfectionist. This is an excellent trait to have when it comes to drawing or painting pet portraits but I have recently wanted to loosen up my painting and I find painting the animals the way I do has really helped me to achieve this. I have begun to develop a style of my own and I am excited about where my painting will take me over the coming months and whether I have any other styles yet to be discovered.

You are welcome to join me on the journey 🙂

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