With so many people having been stuck at home for what seems like forever now, I was so pleased to introduce my new print ‘Beach Huts’ featuring the beach huts by the seafront in Westward Ho!

When I was young, my Dad told Me that the Wombles lived in these huts! Unfortunately, they were always asleep when we walked past so we never actually got to see them!

Westward Ho! like so many other places, has changed plenty over the years but these lovely little huts remain as they were, apart from a paint job or two, making this print a familiar scene for many and I’ve received some lovely comments saying just that.

Westward Ho! is my favourite place and this print is so lovely and takes me there.

I love the Beach Huts print, it’s a place we always love to walk along.

It reminds Me of all our lovely memories of time spent there.

I am very lucky to have a job that not only I love but which also brings joy to others, comments such as those above really does put a big smile on my face. My Dad always encouraged Me to do more with my artistic talent when I was younger but I always resisted, I didn’t want to take the chance that something I loved to do would become a chore, but that has really not been the case. I’ve loved every minute of the journey I’ve been on these past few years and I look forward to finding out where the journey continues to take Me. My only regret is that I should have done it sooner.

This art print is available in my shop. It’s currently available in two sizes: A4 and A3 and is also available on coasters and placemats.