North Devon Art


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Welcome to Jago’s Art

I am a local North Devon artist. I love to paint traditionally using watercolour paints, used to paint my animal art and I also thoroughly enjoy painting digitally, freehand on my digital tablet. I produce the prints of both my animal art and my vintage railway travel poster inspired location paintings at home. I also print all of the other products I sell in my shop at home too. 

I am a perfectionist so you can be assured that all the products once printed, will have been checked once, checked twice and checked another many time.   I hope you enjoy browsing through and you find everything you are looking for. 

Puffin Collection

Puffins are Lundy’s most popular bird with Lundy Island being just off the coast of North Devon.

There’s nothing quite like spotting a Puffin in real life but if you can’t make it to Lundy, get the next best things and take home one of my pictures.

And if you are lucky enough to see one for real, take home a reminder of your experience.

Sea Turtle Collection

The beauty of a sea turtle is something to marvel at.  Whilst many of us don’t get to see one in its native environment, take home a painting of one to adorn your walls.