I am a local North Devon artist. I love to paint traditionallly using watercolour paints, used to paint my animal art and I also thoroughly enjoy painting digitally, freehand on my digital tablet. I produce the prints of both my animal art and my vintage railway travel poster inspired location paintings at home. I also print all of the other products I sell in my shop at home too. I am a perfectionist so you can be assured that all the  products once printed, will have been checked once, checked twice and checked another many times.   I hope you enjoy browsing through and you find everything you are looking for. 

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  Bideford Town A4 Print

Appledore - The Quay A4 Print



Westward Ho! A4 Print

Puffin with wings outstretched

                     A4 Print



Sea Turtle A4 Print



All artwork is my own work and is not to be copied or resold ©JagosArt Justine Jago

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